Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Contributing to this site

On this page:

I would like to encourage family members to send stories about people recorded on this site, and photos :-). Share your memories and snaps!

Adding information about people not recorded in the site

The information I need as a minimum is the name of the person and what their relationship is to someone already recorded on the site.

Ideally the information will also contain some of the following:

  • Birth date and place (town, state, country).
  • Or christening date and place.
  • Marriage date and place (church name, town, state, country).
  • Death date and place.
  • Burial date and place.

Let me know any details record on the site which are inaccurate.


Photos should preferably be in electronic/digital form, and tif images if possible (jpeg is ok). You should include the following information for the photo's caption:

  • when the photo was taken (or approx. year)
  • where the photo was taken, if what's in the background is relevant or interesting
  • the names and position (eg. "front row, centre") of any other people in the photo

Send me your photos as an e-mail attachment, or by snail mail on a 3.5 inch PC floppy disc. Or contact me about actual photos that are not in digital form on the contact page.


You can write reminiscences, memoirs, stories or anything you like about a person, as long as you don't think it will affend anyone!

You can write about yourself and your own family.

Stories about departed relatives are often interesting (eg. my story about my twin great-uncles). They can give an idea about different times, different circumstances. Stories about pioneering days or personal adventures would be interesting. Or about overcoming hardship, such as surviving a bushfire or a flood.

Stories don't have to be long, don't have to be short. They should be about the person, and true! All stories should be signed and dated. You should first show your story to the person, if they are still alive, or to their close relatives, to get their agreement.

Send me your story using the Contact Me link in the left-hand menu, or by mail on a PC floppy disc.