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James Pole (1825 - 1907), and Mary Adlam (1823 - 1910)

John Pole
Born: 18/19th c, Somt, England
Died: England

Mary Collick
Born: 18/19th c, England
Died: England

James POLE
Born: c1825, West Pennard, Somt, England
Died: 1907, Donald, Vic, Australia

Eliza Pole
Born: 1844, West Bradley, Somt, England
Died: 1897, Swan Hill, Vic, Australia

John Pole
Born: c1848, West Bradley, Somt, England
Died: 1925, St Arnaud, Vic, Australia

William Pole
Born: 1852, Somt, England
Died: Australia

George Pole
Born: c.1855, Australia
Died: 1937, St Arnaud, Vic, Australia

Henry Pole
Born: 19th c, Australia
Died: Australia

Thomas Pole
Born: 1860, Glen..., Vic, Australia
Died: 1940, Donald, Vic, Australia

Jane Pole
Born: 1863, Glen..., Vic, Australia
Died: Australia

  Mary ADLAM
Born: c1823, Wookey, Somt, England
Died: 1910, Donald, Vic, Australia

J. Pole
Source: Death - Victorian Edwardian Index on CD-ROM (1902-1913) [AL].

M. Adlam
Notes: also known as Mary Adlem
Source: Death - Victorian Edwardian Index on CD-ROM (1902-1913) [AL].  

Story: James Pole (1825 - 1907)

From Leanne (, added to this site 25 Mar 2003

From the 1851 Census of England
West Bradley

Pole, James, 26. Ag. lab. born West Pennard Sommerset
Mary, 31. Born Wookey, Sommerset
Eliza, 5. Born West Bradley, Sommerset
John, 2. Born West Bradley, Sommerset

From Evelyn Pole, added to this site 25 Mar 2003

James and Mary Pole emigrated to Australia in approximately 1852 with three children: Eliza (1844), John (1848) and William (1852). They had another four children on arrival.

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