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Robert Faulks (1818 - 1916), and Mary Husbands (1821 - 1855)

Married: 30 Dec 1841, Eastbridge, Nottinghamshire, England

  Robert FAULKS
Born: 3 Nov 1818, Notts, England
Died: 26 Jun 1916, Eddington, Vic, Australia

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Elizabeth Faulks
Born: 13 Mar 1842, East Bridgeford, England
Died: 19 Aug 1910, Eddington, Vic, Australia

Thomas Faulks
Born: 1844, Cropwell Butts, Notts, England
Died: 10 Jun 1921, Korong Vale, Vic, Australia
Buried: 12 Jun 1921, Korong Vale, Vic, Australia

John Faulks
Born: 26 Jun 1846, Barnstow, Notts, England
Died: 1888, Eddington, Vic, Australia

Mary Faulks
Born: 5 Feb 1848, Notts, England
Died: 29 Jul 1943, Eddington, Vic, Australia

Hannah Faulks
Born: 4 Jun 1850, Barnstow, Notts, England
Died: 1855, Vic, Australia

Sarah Faulks
Born: 11 Jul 1852, Barnstow, Notts, England
Died: 4 Feb 1913, Condobolin, NSW, Australia

Mary Ann Faulks
Born: 1854, At sea
Died: 1869, Vic, Australia

Born: Mar 1821, Notts, England
Died: 3 Mar 1855, Geelong, Vic, Australia

R. Faulks
Source: Death - Victorian Great War Index on CD-ROM (1914-1920) [AL].

M. Husbands
Source: Death - Victorian Pioneer Index (1836-1888) [LW].  

Story: Robert Faulks (1818 - 1916)

From Pat Simpson, added to this site 24 Aug 2004

Robert and Mary, with their children Elizabeth, Thomas, John, Mary, Hannah and Sarah, left Liverpool on 14 May 1854 aboard 'The Lightening' on her maiden voyage to Australia arriving in Port Phillip Bay on 31 July 1854. Mary died the following year, and Robert married Eliza Banks nee Izat after Mary's death.

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