Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Mary Ann Abson (1848 - 1926)



John Percival Cawthorn Oldroyd Abson
Born: 1867, Sandhurst, Vic, Australia
Died: 1867, Wood..., Vic, Australia

James Abson
Born: 1824, England
Christened: 6 Jun 1824, St John's, Wakefield, Yorks., England
Died: 22 Jun 1889, Mt Korong, Vic, Australia
Buried: 24 Jun 1889, Wedderburn, Vic (Grave No. 140, Methodist Section)

Emma Oldroyd
Born: 1825, England
Christened: 20 Nov 1825, East Ardley, Yorks., England
Died: 11 May 1893, Kew, Vic, Australia
Buried: 13 May 1893, Wedderburn, Vic, Australia

Mary Ann ABSON
Born: 1848, Wakefield, Yorks, England
Died: 1926, Wedderburn, Vic, Australia
Buried: 1 Sep 1926, Wedderburn Cemetery, Vic, Australia


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M.A. Abson
Source: Death - Victorian Death Index on CD-ROM (1921-1985).  
Mary Ann Edwards, nee Abson.

Mary Ann Edwards, nee Abson.

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