Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

(Thomas) Roland Tidd (1834 - 1905), and Rachel Oldroyd (1833 - 1922)

  (Thomas) Roland TIDD
Born: c.1834, England
Died: 1905, Northcote, Vic, Australia

Elizabeth Oldroyd Tidd
Born: 1855, England
Died: 1943, Northcote, Vic, Australia

Joshua Thomas Tidd
Born: 1857, Lancs, England
Died: 1926, Bendigo, Vic, Australia

Mark Oldroyd
Born: 1791, Wakefield, Yorks, England
Died: 19th c.

Elizabeth Sidebotham
Born: 18th c?
Died: 19th c.

Born: 1833, England
Died: 1922, Northcote, Vic, Australia

(.R. Tidd
Source: Death - Victorian Edwardian Index on CD-ROM (1902-1913) [AL].

R. Oldroyd
Source: Death - Death indexes 1914-1930 [LW].  

Story: Rachel Oldroyd (1833 - 1922)

From Arthur Lipscombe, added to this site 11 Sep 2004

Jane Elizabeth Oldroyd and her sister Rachel, together with their husbands and children, emigrated to Australia in 1852 on the Marco Polo. The ship departed from Liverpool on 6 August 1863 and arrived at Melbourne on 16 November 1863. No other family members accompanied them, but a 32 year old Geo. Gill travelled on the same trip. Their youngest sister Hannah was later to marry a George Gill.

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