Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Percy Daniel Trickey (1903 - 1937), and D. Redpath ( - )

Married: 1924, Vic, Australia

Daniel Williams Trickey
Born: 1881, Adelaide Lead, Vic, Australia
Died: 1955, Maryborough, Vic, Australia

Florence Emily Horsfall
Born: 1886, St Arnaud, Vic, Australia
Died: 1937, Maryborough, Vic, Australia
Buried: Avoca Cemetery, Vic, Australia

Percy Daniel TRICKEY
Born: 1903, Adelaide Lead, Vic, Australia
Died: 1937, Avoca, Vic, Australia
Buried: Avoca Cemetery, Vic, Australia



P.D. Trickey
Source: Birth - Birth indexes 1896-1913 [LW]. Death - Death indexes 1931-1940. Burial - AIGS cemetery index [LW].

D. Redpath
Source: Lois Willis.

Marriage source: Marriage indexes 1914-1930 [LW].  

Story: Percy Daniel Trickey (1903 - 1937)

From from "Avoca - The Early Years", added to this site 12 Sep 2004

Page 21: In mid-February 1937 Alan Kent Smith and Percy Daniel Trickey were killed when the miners' bus travelling between Avoca and the mines at Caralulup and Marbury's skilled on a washaway on the Ballarat Road, about one mile from the Lamplough Post Office.

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