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(Carl) Samuel Uebergang (1795 - 1887), and Anna Rosina Karge (1799 - 1889)

Samuel Uebergang
Born: 18th c., Prussia?

Anna Rosina Kitz
Born: 18th c., Prussia?

(Carl) Samuel UEBERGANG
Born: 1795, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 5 Feb 1887, Green Lake, Vic, Australia


Johanne Christiane Uebergang
Born: 1822, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 28 Oct 1911, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Anna Rosina Uebergang
Born: 11 Oct 1825, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 1 Apr 1891, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Carl Uebergang
Born: 9 Jun 1827, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 15 Jan 1918, Warrnambool, Vic, Australia

Johanna Dorothea Uebergang
Born: 1829, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 1858, Warranambool, Vic, Australia

Friedrich Willhelm Uebergang
Born: 1 Jan 1832, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 20 Nov 1915, Green Lake, Vic, Australia

Caroline Uebergang
Born: 4 Mar 1834, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 26 Feb 1933, Mortlake, Vic, Australia

  Anna Rosina KARGE
Born: 1799, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 1889, Green Lake, Vic, Australia

(.S. Uebergang
Source: "The Uebergang Families in Australia".

A.R. Karge
Source: "The Uebergang Families in Australia". 

Story: (Carl) Samuel Uebergang (1795 - 1887)

From "The Uebergang Families in Australia, 1848 - 1985", added to this site 23 Dec 2000

Carl Samuel was the son and probably only child of Samuel Uebergang and Anna Rosina Kitz. His death certificate indicates he was born in 1795, probably in Bersdorf (Baeschdorff), though the one extant Prussian document relating to him - his army discharge - indicates his year of birth as being 1793. For the purposes of this essay the death certificate will be regarded as being the more accurate of the two documents.

Nothing is known about Samuel (that his first name was Carl has never been properly established) until 1816 when he was given a temporary discharge from active duty with the Prussian army. It is popularly held amongst his descendants that he fought in Waterloo under Blucher but there is no direct evidence for this. Then in 1821 he married Anna Rosina Karge and settled at Merzdorf, all their children being born there. They were probably married at Gros Rosen where they attended church services as Merzdorf did not have a Lutheran church.

Samuel was 55 when he and his family decided to emigrate to Australia, leaving Hamburg on the Wappaus on October 29, 1848. With him were his wife and 5 of their 6 children - Johanne Christiane with her husband Johann Gottlieb Adler and their child Ernstine, Anna Rosina, Johanna Dorothea, Friedrich Wilhelm, and Caroline. Samuel's first son Charles (Carl) had already left on the Alfred some two and a half months earlier. Another member of the party was Friedrich Wilhelm Fritsch who later married Johanna Dorothea in Australia.

The reasons for leaving Silesia (a district in Prussia) for what must have been a most uncertain future were varied. Freedom of religious worship was undoubtedly one; another was to escape the rigorous military regulation of civilian life in Prussia. But also the Silesians were remarkably well informed on Australia and obviously felt that, despite the hardships of pioneering life which they may or may not have fully understood, the Southern Continent provided opportunities that were not available to them in their homeland. Also they found it relatively easy to leave Prussia, there being no obstacles put in their way. An interest had been taken in them by George Fife Angas, a Baptist Englishman who had assisted an earlier migration to South Australia. The Wappaus in 1848-9 was the first such emigration to Port Phillip and had the full support of the Colonial government.

The Wappaus arrived in Port Phillip on 7 March 1849, just 15 years after the Hentys had established the first permanent settlement on the southern coast at Portland in 1834, an event traditionally accepted as the founding of the Port Phillip District. When the ship landed, Governor La Trobe personally went on board to see the immigrants and was favourably impressed by their appearance.

Samuel and his family then boarded the coastal trader Mary for Warrnambool where they were met by Adolphus Goldsmith who offered them employment on his station 'Trawalla', at Beaufort near Ballarat, an offer that was taken up by quite a number of the Wappaus emigrants who had made it to Warrnambool.

Why Samuel went to Warrnambool in the first place is not known. Charles, who could not have been in the colony more than 3 months, may have left word that he had gone to Warrnambool, or Adolphus Goldsmith may have been known to them. The prospect of immediate employment could have been very welcome to this German-speaking group in an English country where the port on arrival still had 'cows and bullocks grazing around tree stumps which dotted the unmade streets' (Caroline White nee Uebergang in later years). Whatever the reason, Samuel and the older members of his family worked on 'Trawalla' some nine months during which time Johanna Dorothea Uebergang married Friedrich Wilhelm Fritsch with Samuel and Adolphus Goldsmith as witnesses.

Then in late 1849 or early 1850 the family moved back to the Warrnambool area where Samuel and his son-in-law Johann Gottlieb Adler rented a farm on the Merri River at Woodford. Again Charles' movements could have been responsible for this move as it is generally accepted that he joined up with his family at this time. The farm at Woodford was rented again for five years when the Uebergang families again moved, this time to Allansford where Charles had selected property, later named 'Hopkins Hill'.

During the years at Woodford Charles and Johann Adler had established themselves as teamsters, supplying the goldfields at Ballarat and Bendigo after gold was discovered in 1851. In 1853 Carl Gottlieb Uebergang and his family arrived at Warrnambool having come to Australia on the Willhelmsburg. With him were his daughter Anna Rosina and her husband Carl Wilhelm Peucker and their six children, and Auguste Klose who later married Charles. As Samuel's daughter Anna Rosina had married Carl Friedrich Presser at Woodford in 1850, the German community at Woodford was now quite substantial. Uebergang, Adler, Presser, Fritsch, Peucker - all these families began life in Australia in the Warrnambool district having come together between the years 1849 and 1853.

For a time Samuel lived on 'Hopkins Hill' with Charles but it is thought that when his second son, Friedrich Wilhelm, bought his property 'Briarwood' in 1856/7 he moved there. During this time Samuel held services at 'Hopkins Hill' and is credited with holding the first Protestant services in the Allansford area. Pastor C.W. Sch?rmann from the Hochkirck Parish (Tarrington) was eventually to become their officiating minister though he could only make the trip two or three times a year.

In 1869 Samuel and his second son, Friedrich Wilhelm, travelled north to the Wimmera which had just been opened up for settlement by the Land Act of 1869 to select land at Drung Drung near Horsham. As there was a drought that year they returned to Allansford until, in the following year, Samuel and Anna Rosina with Friedrich Wilhelm and his family including his sister Dorothea Fritsch's children - Dorothea had died in 1858 and Friedrich Fritsch some time in the 1860s - settled permanently at Drung Drung.

Samuel gained his naturalisation in 1873. In 1872 he was licensed to take possession of a 320-acre block adjoining Friedrich Wilhelm's, giving them a total of 640 acres. In 1874 he was given official recognition of having made "substantial and permanent improvements to the value of One Pound for every acre" thereby fulfilling his obligations as a selector.

Samuel was 75 when he moved to the Wimmera. He died 17 years later in 1887 and was buried at Green Lake. Samuel's wife Anna Rosina was 90 when she died in 1889 and was buried beside her husband.

The above is extracted from:
The Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985
© The Uebergang History Committee, 1985,
pp.39-41, 320, 664 (abridged).
Quoted with permission.

Samuuel Uebergang

Samuuel Uebergang

Anna Uebergang, nee Karge.

Anna Uebergang, nee Karge.

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