Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Stephen Hogan (1831 - 1889), and Ann Regan (1834 - 1874)

Married: c.1853, Tipperary, Ireland

  Stephen HOGAN
Born: c.1831, Clare, Ireland
Died: 25 Jun 1889, Fitzroy Nth, Vic, Australia
Buried: 26 Jun 1889, Melbourne General Cemetery, Vic, Australia


Michael Hogan
Born: c.1855, St Kilda, Vic, Australia
Died: 4 Jun 1908, Fitzroy Nth, Vic, Australia
Buried: 6 Jun 1908, Melbourne General Cemetery, Vic, Australia

Patrick Hogan
Born: c.1856, Vic, Australia

John Hogan
Born: 1858, Nth Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Died: 1946, Middle Brighton, Vic, Australia


Mary Ann Hogan
Born: c.1861, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Died: 1886, Fitzroy Nth, Vic, Australia

Stephen Hogan
Born: c.1867, Vic, Australia
Died: 1935, Castlemaine, Vic, Australia

Michael Regan
Born: 19th c.

Judith Gilfoyle
Born: 19th c.

Born: c.1834, Tipperary, Ireland
Died: 24 Oct 1874, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia
Buried: 26 Oct 1874, Melbourne General Cemetery, Vic, Australia

S. Hogan
Notes: was a laborer
Source: Death - Death certificate [AL].

A. Regan
Source: Death - Death certificate [AL].

Marriage source: death certificates [AL].  

Story: Stephen Hogan (1831 - 1889)

From Arthur Lipscombe, added to this site 17 May 2009

Stephen Hogan originated from County Clare in the west of Ireland, and Ann was from County Tipperary. They married in Tipperary around 1853 and arrived in Melbourne in July 1854 aboard the Hilton, part of the mass emigration from Ireland in the train of the great potato famine. According to the passenger list, both were agricultural labourers in Tipperary and catholics, Stephen could read and write, Anne could read, and they were engaged (sponsored) by someone in Melbourne. The ship Hilton was 1400 tons and sailed from Liverpool (apparently via Callao in Peru) carrying 480 Government immigrants and merchandise.

Family tradition has it that, on arrival in the new Colony of Victoria, they lived in a tent on the banks of the Yarra River, close to where Princes Bridge now stands, there being a great shortage of accommodation in Melbourne, which was experiencing astronomical expansion as a result of the gold rush. They settled down to urban living and raising a family, Stephen working as a labourer. They lived at Rae Street Fitzroy and later Taplin Street Fitzroy, a new suburb on the northern outskirts of the town. Ann died of epilepsy in Rae Street at the age of 40, 20 years after arriving in the colony. Stephen lived another 15 years, succumbing at his house in Taplin Street to tuberculosis and 'senile exhaustion' at the age of 58.

Of their children, Michael became a miller and later coffee roaster, and left grandchildren. John became a building foreman, and althought he married, did not have children. Mary died as a teenager, and what eventuated with Patrick and Stephen is unknown, though records show that Stephen died in Castlemaine.

Stephen Hogan with his sons Patrick (left) and Michael (right), c.1866

Stephen Hogan with his sons Patrick (left) and Michael (right), c.1866

Ann Hogan (nee Regan) with John and Mary Ann, c.1866

Ann Hogan (nee Regan) with John and Mary Ann, c.1866

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