Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Gottfried Ernst Schache (1860 - 1945), and Maria Emma Adler (1863 - 1940)

Married: 1 Sep 1885, Adler residence, Ashens, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Ernst Gottfried Schache
Born: 19th c.

Johanne Eleonore Schubert
Born: 19th c.

Gottfried Ernst SCHACHE
Born: 13 Apr 1860, Walton, Greenock, SA, Australia
Died: 22 Mar 1945, Newtown, Vic, Australia
Buried: Herne Hill, Vic, Australia

Dora Hermine Schache
Born: 4 Mar 1886, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Died: 28 Mar 1979, Herne Hill, Vic, Australia

Albert Johann Schache
Born: Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Died: 15 Nov 1930, NSW, Australia

Emil Herbert Schache
Born: 5 Jan 1893, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Paul Rupert Schache
Born: 16 Dec 1898, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Died: 1 Oct 1965, Fawkner, Vic, Australia

Johann Gottlieb Adler
Born: 7 Jun 1821, Bersdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 5 Oct 1891, Gnadenthal, Penshurst, Vic, Australia


Johanne Christiane Uebergang
Born: 1822, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 28 Oct 1911, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Maria Emma ADLER
Born: 2 Apr 1863, Winslow, Vic, Australia
Died: 12 Jun 1940, Newtown, Vic, Australia
Buried: Herne Hill, Vic, Australia


G.E. Schache
Source: 'Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985'.

M.E. Adler
Source: "The Uebergang Families in Australia".

Marriage source: The Uebergang Families in Australia 1848-1985.  

Story: Maria Emma Adler (1863 - 1940)

From "The Uebergang Families in Australia, 1848 - 1985", added to this site 18 Feb 2003

Emma was baptised at Winslow by the pioneer Lutheran pastor, C.W. Schürmann, on June 29, 1863. She lived on her parents' farm at Winslow near Warrnambool until she was 10, when the family moved permanently to Marma Gully (Murtoa) in the Wimmera.

Emma was one of the first pupils at the original school at Murtoa, where she completed her education under the teacher, Mr J.F. Walther. When the new St John's Lutheran Church was opened in 1877, Emma was chosen to carry the key at the head of the procession from the old building. She was one of the first to be confirmed by Pastor C.G. Hiller in the new church.

Emma lived firstly with her family on her brother Fred's selection, north of Lake Marma, until after 1875. Then the family moved to Ashens, south of Lake Marma, where they lived on her brother Ned's block. After 1881 they moved to her father's own selection next door.

Gottfried Schache was a brother to Ernstine and Mary - who married Emma's brothers John and Jim respectively - and was a cousin to Fred's wives. He also arrived in Marma Gully in 1873, his parents selecting at Hopefield, south-east of the lake. The Schache family had previously lived at Walton new Greenock, South Australia, and had also lived at Mount Gambier before moving to Victoria. Like the Adlers, the Schaches were foundation members of St John's Lutheran Church. Gottfried and Emma were married by Pastor Hiller.

During the first 18 years of their marriage Gottfried and Emma farmed on Birk's original selection, also at Hopefield, experiencing all the difficulties of those early times. During those years Gottfried owned a contract threshing plant, supposedly in partnership with his cousing Gottlieb Schache. The thresher itself was powered by a two-horse tread mill. As many as 15 men (and a large number of horses) worked the plant, threshing over a wide area of the Murtoa district. Among the employees were a number of relatives, including Gottfried's nephew , Fred Schache, who became the chief supervisor.

Gottfried played a cornet in several brass bands. While details are scant, it is known that he was a member of the Murtoa Lutheran brass band which led the singing at the opening of the Bangerang Lutheran Church in 1885. It is also on record that he was a conductor of the Sawpit Brass Band (also in the Ashens district) in 1888. In recent years his cornet was presented to the Coromby Band, Murtoa.

The devastating 1901 - 1902 drought which affected a number of his relatives was to also change the direction of Gottfried's life. Poor seasons led to financial difficulties, and in 1903 he was forced to relinquish his farm.

Gottfried and Emma went to Allansford near Warrnambool, where Gottfried worked for Ernest Uebergang, Emma's cousin, on his dairy property, 'Hopkins Hill'. They were living there when Emma's uncle and aunt, Charles and Auguste Uebergang, celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1904.

After three years they moved to Geelong, living firstly at Moolap (in a house owned by Emma's brother, Ned Adler) and then at Belmont. Gottfried worked for Ned, driving his horse team and waggon, and carting chaf around the city and to the Geelong wharves.

Gottfried continued this work after Ned had left Geelong, working for various carriers around the district. In 1913 they bought a house at 40 Fairview Avenue, Newtown, where they resided for the rest of their lives. In his retirement Gottfried worked as a gardener for their local doctor.

A devout, unassuming woman, Emma was 77 when she died of a heart attack. She had enjoyed good health until the tragic electrocution of their son Albert, 10 years before her own death, undermined her health. The Schaches were adherents of the Grovedale Lutheran Church, and Emma frequently read sermon and prayer books given to her by her mother. Pastor H. Minke conducted her funeral services.

Gottfried continued to live at Newtown with his daughter Dora. He was 85 when he died, nearly five years after Emma.

Dora Schache remained at Newtown after her parents died, taking in boarders from time to time. She was living at Grace McKellar House, Geelong, when she died.

Albert married Beryl Waddington and lived in Sydney. He was electrocuted by a faulty lead under his house.

Emil married Lil Ballis and worked as a carrier in Melbourne for 40 years. After his retirement he worked in the Burnley timberyard where his son was manager. He and Lil still live in West Richmond. Emil is the oldest living grandchild of Johann and Christiane Adler.

Rupert married Pearl Hoffmann and lived at West Preston. Pearl was living at Armadale when she died.

The above is extracted from
The Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985
© The Uebergang History Committee, 1985,
pp. 131-133.
Quoted with permission.

Gottfried Schache in his band uniform

Gottfried Schache in his band uniform

Gottfied Ernst Schache and his wife, Maria Emma née Adler

Gottfied Ernst Schache and his wife, Maria Emma née Adler

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