Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Caroline Adler (1846 - 1848)

Johann Gottlieb Adler
Born: 7 Jun 1821, Bersdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 5 Oct 1891, Gnadenthal, Penshurst, Vic, Australia


Johanne Christiane Uebergang
Born: 1822, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 28 Oct 1911, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Caroline ADLER
Born: 1846-8, Bersdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: Oct 1848, Hamburg, Germany


C. Adler
Source: "The Uebergang Families in Australia". 

Story: Caroline Adler (1846 - 1848)

From "The Uebergang Families in Australia, 1848 - 1985", added to this site 27 Jan 2003

Few details survive about Caroline''s short life. Like her older sister Ernstine, she was probably baptised in the Gros Rosen Church, Silesia, Prussia.

She died in a cholera epidemic at Hamburg, prior to her family embarking on the Wappaus for Australia. Both Caroline and her father contracted the disease, but while Johann survived, Caroline succumbed, and was buried in Hamburg the day before the ship departed.

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