Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

John Adler (1851 - 1910), and Anna Ernstine Schache (1856 - 1935)

Married: 18 Nov 1875, Lutheran Church, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Johann Gottlieb Adler
Born: 7 Jun 1821, Bersdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 5 Oct 1891, Gnadenthal, Penshurst, Vic, Australia


Johanne Christiane Uebergang
Born: 1822, Merzdorf, Silesia, Prussia
Died: 28 Oct 1911, Murtoa, Vic, Australia

Born: 4 Aug 1851, Woodford, Vic, Australia
Died: 16 Sep 1910, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Buried: Murtoa, Vic, Australia


Emma Marie Adler
Born: 17 May 1880, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Died: 25 Jul 1967, Kinaroy, Qld, Australia

John Ernest Adler
Born: 5 Oct 1887, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Died: 7 Feb 1951, Ballarat, Vic, Australia

Ernst Gottfried Schache
Born: 19th c.

Johanne Eleonore Schubert
Born: 19th c.

Anna Ernstine SCHACHE
Born: 29 Feb 1856, Walton, Greenock, SA, Australia
Died: 9 Jul 1935, Murtoa, Vic, Australia
Buried: Jeparit, Vic, Australia

J. Adler
Source: 'Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985'.

A.E. Schache
Source: 'Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985'.

Marriage source: The Uebergang Families in Australia 1848-1985.  

Story: John Adler (1851 - 1910)

From "The Uebergang Families in Australia, 1848 - 1985", added to this site 1 Feb 2003

John was baptised at the Warrnambool Church of England by the Rev. P.T. Beamish on May 16, 1852, and was later confirmed by the pioneer Lutheran pastor, C.W. Schürmann in the 1860's. His early life was spent on his parents' farms at Woodford and Winslow near Warrnambool, and he probably worked at Winslow after leaving school.

With his brother Fred, John accompanied his father on the first trip to Marma Gully (Murtoa) in the Wimmera in 1871. On November 30 he selected approximately 320 acres north of Lake Marma (Fred selected a neighbouring block the following day). John was the fourteenth person to apply for a land selection at Marma Gully. The rental for the land was £32 ($64) per year, payable half-yearly, and the licences for both selections were granted on June 7, 1972.

John returned with his father and brothers later in 1872 and together they built a house, fences and horse-yard on Fred's block. It is possible that John helped to plant and harvest the first wheat crop that year.

After they moved permanently to Marma Gully in 1873, all the Adler family lived on Fred's block. The two properties were probably developed and farmed collectively, with Johann assisting his sons to become established. Like Fred's selection, John's block was open plain country and needed little clearing. Johann and family only moved to Ashens, south of Lake Marma, after John and Fred were both married in 1875.

John's wife was a cousin to Fred's wives, and a sister to Mary and Gottfried Schache (who later married John's brother and sister, Jim and Emma Adler). She also arrived in Marma Gully in 1873. Her parents selected at Hopefield (south-east of Lake Marma). The Schache family had previously lived at Walton near Greenock, South Australia, and had also lived at Mount Gambier before moving to Victoria.

John and Ernstine were married seven weeks after Fred and Lizzie and were the second couple married by Pastor C.G. Hiller in teh original Lutheran Church at Murtoa. The Adlers (including John) and the Schaches were among the foundation members of St John's congregation.

John farmed his original selection for nearly 20 years, experiencing all the difficulties of early pioneering life. When the railway line was extended from Murtoa to Horsham in 1879, it dissected his block.

In 1891 John sold his farm and purchased a bakery shop and premises in Barkly Street (now Duncan Street), Murtoa. This business, next to the Victoria Hotel, was previously owned by C. Schmidt. John employed Ernstine's brother-in-law, George Burrus, who was a baker, and also Mick Turvey, who delivered for him by horse-drawn cart around the town. A cheerful man, John was very popular during his three years in business at Murtoa.

About 1894 he resumed farming, this time taking up land in the Ailsa district, south of Warracknabeal. His farm was near the Yarriambiac Creek, and in the same district as his brother Ned at Kellalac.

Details of when they left the Wimmera are difficult to ascertain. Among John's descendants it is believed that they left for Queensland at the same time as Jim and Mary Adler (1897). The men are supposed to have travelled overland with a bullock dray while the women and children (including Mary, 16) went by ship. Jim Edwards, whose parents also farmed south of Warracknabeal, and who later married Mary, worked passage on the same ship.

John's obiturary, however, states that he farmed near Warracknabeal for seven years. This would mean that he went to Queensland about 1901. It is also believed that he left after the farm was burned out in a bushfire. While no records can verify a bushfire at that time, it is possible that the bad 1901 - 1902 drought - which also affected other members of the family - caused John's financial difficulties.

It is also possible that Ernstine and the children went to Queensland some time earlier than John.

Details of their lives in Queensland are also scant, but it is believed that John and Ernstine farmed at Springside, Pittsworth, on the Darling Downs. At busy time Ernstine assisted Jim and Mary Adler at their refreshment rooms in Pittsworth. At one stage they also lived at Killarney, on the Darling Downs near the New South Wales border. But the bad seasons and personal misfortunes which had dogged John in the Wimmera continued in Queensland. In 1906 he returned to Murtoa, broken in health.

During his last years he worked for relatives and friends around Murtoa and lived for some time with his brother Fred at Coromby. He suffered from eczema and dropsy, and when he retired to a house at Lakeside, Murtoa, Ernstine returned and nursed him. A humble and friendly man, he was 59 when he died, predeceasing his aged mother by 12 months. He was burried by Pastor Hiller who had married him 35 years before.

Ernstine later married Robert Rodgers, and continued to live at Charles Street, Jeparit. They baked bread and cakes in brick ovens in their backyard, and sold them to the public.

Ernstine was 79 when she predeceased her second husband by nine years,. Robert Rodgers was buried with Ernstine when he died in February 1944, aged 86 years.

Mary Adler married Jim Edwards in Pittsworth. During their early married life Jim owned horses and did contract ploughing. In 1908 they moved to Kingaroy in the newly-opened South Burnett district. There they cleared and developed their property 'Spring Valley' into a dairy farm. Jim was among the first farmers to grow peanuts in the district. Later he also became a seed merchant and owned several properties. Mary died in Brisbane.

Jim was a member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly from October 1920 to May 1947, representing the Electorate of Nanango (now Barambah) for the Country Party. He was the Opposition Whip from August 1936 to May 1947. When he retired, the present Premier of Queensland (1985), Joh Bjelke-Petersen took his seat.

Jack lived at Jeparit and worked for some time as a labourer for the Victorian Railways. He served as a bearer in the 57th Battalian, 1st AIF, in Europe. As a result of an accident in which he was seriously scalded with boiling tea, he suffered a nervous breakdown. He was admitted to Lakeside Hospital, Ballarat in 1933, and with the exception of 17 months in 1934-1935, he remained there until his death.

The above is extracted from
The Uebergang Families in Australia 1848 - 1985
© The Uebergang History Committee, 1985,
pp. 82-3.
Quoted with permission.

John Adler

John Adler

Anna Ernstine Schache

Anna Ernstine Schache

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