Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

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How to use this site

Go to the Surname Index and look up a person. When you click on their link, their page shows their parents, spouse and children. Click on links to bring a person on one side of the table into the centre. Click on links to stories and pictures (if there are any for that person).

Three generations. Each page looks like this, showing the details of the older generation on the left and of the younger generation on the right:

                   THE SUBJECTS' NAME(S)
       |             |             |             |
       |  Person's   |  The        |             |
       |  Parents    |  Person     |             |
       |             |             |  Their      |
       +-------------+-------------|  Children   |
       |             |             |             |
       |  Spouse's   |  Their      |             |
       |  Parents    |  Spouse     |             |
       |             |             |             |

Where names are underlined, click on them to bring them to the centre of the page. Where there are photos and stories, links will display beneath the person's name. See also the Photo Index and Story Index for complete listings.

Ancestors. If more than one generation of ancestors is known for the people in the middle column, there will be a link to the entire set of ancestors for that person.

Multiple spouses. Where a subject of the page has married more than once, there will be a link after their details labelled '2nd family'.

Selected descendancies. You can browse through the entire list of descendants of one of the branches at the Descendancies Index. These pages show all descendants of the earliest ancestors so far discovered.

Don't waste any more time looking at this page, just go look up some people!

Why did I do it?

This site contains as much as I have been able to find out so far about who my ancestors are, and who all their relatives and descendants are. It's both a personal thing, and a sharing thing, because all my relatives have relatives in common with me.

I made this site public to share with my relatives, and to invite them to contribute stories, photos and information, and participate in this site's development.

See the Contributing link for more information about adding to this site. Contact me to show your enthusiasm! The more information, stories and photos I get, the better this site will be!

This site will not contain information that family members do not want shown. Contact me if you have any comments.


The information supplied in this web site is provided in good faith to share with interested people. While every effort is made to keep the information as accurate as possible, due to the nature of genealogy it is not possible to guarantee all data. The source of the data of each person recorded is provided on their page. Information provided by word of mouth has been included. Facts can be mis-remembered; official records and primary sources can contain inaccurate data; transcription errors occur.

The more people who see this site and provide emendations and additions, stories and photos, the more accurate and complete the information will become over time.

Who am I?

I am Arthur Lipscombe, and this is my family. Where do I fit into the overall picture?

Well, my grandparents were: Francis Arthur Lipscombe, Margaret Ellen Hogan, David Adler, and Mary Ann Oliver. If any of these names are related to you, you will be able to work out our relationship.

My ancestors all arrived in Australia in the 19th century. I am descended from English protestants, Irish Catholics, German Lutherans and Scottish Calvinists. (I suppose if I were a dog, I would be .... well, better leave it unsaid!)

These were the four largest European Australian ethnic groups up until the First World War. These days most people think of the English, Irish and Scots as all much the same, but in the 19th century the rivalry, particularly between the Irish and the English, was intense. (Ned Kelly is an example.)

What is "genealogy" anyway?

The following may or may not enlighten you (it didn't do much for me!):

genealogy n. Account of descent from ancestor by enumeration of intermediate persons, pedigree; investigation of pedigrees; plant's or animal's line of development from earlier forms [ME, f. OF genealogie f. LL f. Gk genealogia (genera race)]