Family Tree of the Adlers, Edwardses, Hogans, Lipscombes and Olivers

Mary Oliver (nee Edmeades) Carrie Cuffe (nee Oliver) Jack Oliver Tom PolePhoebe PoleAlanCarrie Bench

The extended family of Robert Hamilton Oliver and Mary Ann Oliver (nee Edmeads), c. 1913

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Mary Oliver (nee Edmeades)

This snapshot was taken when members of the Oliver family visited Tom Pole and his wife in Donald. Mary Oliver (nee Edmeades) with her son Jack and daughter Carrie Cuffe (nee Sarah Caroline Oliver) drove over to visit Tom and his wife Phoebe, in Jack's car. Tom was Mary's cousin.

Left to right: Mary Oliver, Tom Pole, Phoebe Pole, Carrie Cuffe, Allen in front of Jack Oliver, and Carrie Bench, Tom's grand-daughter.

Photo contributed by Kath Hoskins.